2021 Council Leadership

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Congregation Council Meeting Agenda

Zion Lutheran Church, St. Marys, Ohio

1. Call to Order – Stan Brown

2. Opening Devotion — Pastor Bill

3. Roll Call 

4. Approval of Minutes

5. Treasurer’s Report - Pete Ackroyd

6. Pastor’s Report - Pastor Bill

a. Official Acts 

7. Office Manager’s Report – Kathleen S. Bishir

8. Board of Parish Education Director — Mindy Thiebeau  

9. Committee Reports

a. Chairperson of Trustee – Ed Yahl

b. Chairperson of Board of Parish Education – Mary Merricle  

c. Chairperson of Elders – Chris White

d. Chairperson of Deacons – Jeanne Wurster

e. Youth Representative — Liz Ackroyd

10. Council-At-Large

 i. Father/Son Banquet, TBD, Pete Ackroyd

 ii. Easter Breakfast, Ryan Yahl

 iii. Congregation Picnic, Andrew O'Bryan

 iv. Ice Cream Social, Darl Bishir

 v. Lenten Soup Suppers, Cheryl Macklem

 vi. Annual Congregational Meeting, Marion Slater

11. Thank You Notes

12. Past Business    

13. New Business

14. Adjournment

15. Closing Prayer — Lords’ Prayer recited by Council members