Our Staff

The "Our Staff" is a page that puts faces with names.


William E. Maki


William E. Maki

Pastor Bill has served as Pastor of Zion since October 5, 2004.  Pastor Bill celebrated his tenth anniversary as Pastor of Zion in October 2014 and celebrated his 20th Ordination Anniversary in June 2019. He is the Dean for the North West Ohio Mission District of the NALC.

Office Assistant

 Ann Maki


Ann M. Maki

Ann has served as Office Assistant since September 2001.  Ann celebrated her fifteenth anniversary as Office Assistant in September 2016.

Youth Director

Adam Poe


Adam E. Poe

Adam has served as Youth Director of Zion since July 2002.  Adam celebrated his fifteenth anniversary as youth director on June 18, 2017.

Director of Board of Parish Education

Mindy Thiebeau 


Mindy Thiebeau

Mindy has served as Director of the Board of Parish Education since January 2011.  Mindy celebrated her fifth anniversary as Director of the Board of Parish Education in January 2016.

Sunday Organist

Merilee Miller


Merilee has served as Organist of Zion since May 2012.  Merilee celebrated her fifth anniversary as organist on June 18, 2017.

Office Manager

Kathy Bishir


kathleen S. Bishir

Kathy has served at Zion as Secretary/Office Manager since December 1983.  She has served for 25 years as an AIM in the ELCA and now serves as an Church Support Staff in the NALC for 10 years in 2020.   Kathy  celebrated her 35 years, December 2018, as Secretary/Office Manager.  Kathy is the Treasurer for the North West Ohio Mission District of the NALC, beginning in May 2017.


Emily Meinerding



 Emily Meinerding has served as  custodian since October 2018.