Women of NALC



Purpose of the Women of the
North American Lutheran Church


As a community of women
created in the image of God,
called to discipleship in Jesus Christ
and empowered by the Holy Spirit,
we commit ourselves to
grow in faith,
affirm our gifts,
support one another in our callings,
engage in ministry and action,
and promote healing and wholeness
in the church, the society, and the world.


The Women of Zion Lutheran Church meet monthly to plan programs, Bible Studies, socials and more for the Zion Women of the NALC.



2024 Officers of Zion Women

President, Nora Staunton, 419-394-8894 (2021-24)

Vice-President,  Rhonda Weaver

Secretary, Sandy Wierwille, 419-629-2015 (2021-24)

Treasurer, Dianne Uhlenhake, 

Spiritual Growth, Rebecca Harvey, 419-394-8291

Mission Community, Chris White, 419-977-2220

Mission Action, Chris White, 419-977-2220

Advisor, Linda Yahl, 419-394-8020

Family Care, Rebecca Harvey, 419-394-8291

Family Care, Doris Cook, 567-644-5873


2023 Annual Events

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